Car Rental in Spain

Toyota Prius 5 местный

Toyota Prius 5 seater

1-14 days150 € in day
14+ days40 € in day
Toyota Prius + (7 местный)

Toyota Prius + (7 seater)

1-14 days150 € in day
14+ days45 € in day

Rent a car for a day, where to find cheap in Benidorm, Spain

In Spain, car rental services have appeared relatively recently. However, the service of car rental Benidorm today is already available to a large number of tourists. Rent a car in Benedom offers to interested persons the possibility of renting a car for both short and long term. At the request of the client, the company provides the opportunity to order a car with or without a driver.

To date, car rental in Benidorm is the most optimal way to solve various life situations: meeting business partners or friends, traveling, active movement around the city, organizing business meetings, celebrations and entertainment events, and the like. Rent a car will reduce the stress during the movement and facilitate the process of settling business or personal affairs.

Our company provides a wide range of car rental services. The company's specialists will help you to choose the vehicle that most accurately meets all your needs, will offer a convenient form of payment and the optimal conditions for the delivery of the car to the customer.

Long-term car rental in the city of Benidom. Price from 20 €

In order to conclude a car rental agreement, you must present a passport and driver's license. Persons over the age of 21 can use the car rental service in Benidom, and the driving experience is at least 2 years. The rental contract marks all the rules that must be followed by both parties and the driver’s actions when an insured event occurs. After inspecting the vehicle, the tenant signs a vehicle acceptance report, which indicates, if any, all damages and scratches on the vehicle. This allows the tenant to make sure that the vehicle is fully equipped, and also guarantees that he will not be charged with the vehicle and its technical condition after the rental contract expires. When making a car rental service, you must pay a deposit, which will be returned immediately after the expiration of the rental contract.

Each individual situation requires an appropriate vehicle, which will contribute to the fastest possible solution to your problems.

The traffic in urban transport is quite stressful and uncomfortable, and the constant use of taxi services entails considerable expenses. Making a rental or car rental allows the client to focus on the essentials and not spend extra money, time and nerves on irrelevant matters.

A car rental service in Benidorm is a necessity that arises in the midst of the bustle of the big city.

Car rental in Spain!

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